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What is Bergamot

Bergamot –– Citrus Bergamia Risso – is a citrus fruit that looks like an orange but has the brilliant yellow colouring of a lemon. It has a tart citrus taste, slightly reminiscent of a grapefruit. It has the highest percentage content of Vitamin C from over 40 species of citrus fruits.


Bergamot Juice has a unique profile of flavonoids containing

flavanones and flavones – this has attracted a very high level of attention by medical researchers. They have discovered there is a direct and highly beneficial correlation between these flavonoids and our cardiovascular health – especially an ability to lower levels of cholesterol in much the same way as pharmaceutical statins.



This discovery has prompted more researchers to investigate other properties of bergamot – finding that these polyphenols are very potent antioxidants that can protect against tissue damage by free radicals in the body, especially within arteries and blood vessels. It appears that bergamot may also be able to assist in keeping arteries healthy and keeping blood pressure down, as well as helping to reduce blood sugar levels. The benefits and advantages of Bergamot juice are still being discovered ...